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About Traditional Dating

Why traditional dating?

We like the title "traditional dating" because it refers to the "good old way", the idea where two individuals meeting each one another face to face and fall in love. This platform and website is merely a starting point for your new life. We CONNECT people and then encourage them to meet face-to-face and potentially begin a new relationship with marriage as the end goal.

Is Traditional Dating only for Christians?

Yes, it is. Our main goal is to provide this service to Christians who believe that the Bible is the one and only infallible source of authority for their lives. The modern world is filled with many competing new truths that challenges and questions Biblical authority. New ideas, new “revelations” and new practices come into play every day. But the Word of God is the same.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about our platform and how it works…

Filter by location or age range

You can easily filter your searches for both location and age range. The location filter allows you to search only within your municipality and if you want to search for people in a certain village or city, you may do that through the function "Search via keywords or phrase" which goes a little deeper into the profiles. In regard to age, you can pick an age range with spans of five years, from 18 to 120 years (18-23, 24-29, etc.).

Fine-Tune by values, essential factors and opinions

In order to find the best possible match, you can also search by values, essential factors and opinions. Our thought with this is the theory that "birds of a feather flock together " meaning that people of similar interests, values, or characteristics will often get along better.

Of course, there is a risk with this. If you choose a partner that is very similar to yourself, you risk hardening your own opinions and will likely keep your life perspective. On the other hand, there is a risk that different values and opinions will later turn into a continuous cycle of irritation and conflicts. However, it's your choice, we just give you the tools. We reason that tools and opportunities are better than none at all. Exploring thousands of candidates is very difficult. But with our tools and your prayers, the opportunity for you to find a great match, will definitely increase.

Remember, choosing a life partner is one of the most important choices you make in life.

Effective integrity tools - you’re in control

In real life, each relationship begins with an approval. That’s the way it is here as well. You can only send messages to one another after the contacted person has given a green light to proceed. It is also easy to remove a previous approval in the control panel. We run a hard line on those who in any way misbehave or do not write in a respectful tone. Anyone not writing in a respectful and caring tone will be subject to becoming blacklisted after a subjective assessment of us. It is no human right to participate and be a member on our dating platform and we will do our utmost to become America’s most traditional, secure and beloved dating platform.

We also allow our members to easily control their visibility to other members. If you are dating someone or need a break, you can easily activate "Dating Mode" in the control panel. Doing that will make you completely invisible to others on the platform.

New tools are coming

Feel free to contact us with your feedback. With the help of your input, we can remove weaknesses and add new features that will make our service to you and many others even better.

May God bless you and your time with us.

Kind regards,
Peter Johansson

CEO of CrossGuard and the head monitor of Traditional Dating